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This site was created by 
Stewart Fey, a PCI QSA at LBMC Security Services, a regional security consulting firm. I wanted to create a site that other PCI QSAs and the general public could safely ask PCI questions.  As the experts in PCI Compliance, QSA’s and QSA firms sometimes feel that they should know the answer to every aspect of the PCI DSS, even when they don’t or their is no reasonable expectation that one person would know everything.

Please use this site to ask questions and learn about PCI DSS and general PCI compliance processes  in a open, non-threating manner. Don’t be afraid to ask a “dumb” question, chances are others are wondering it too. If you have any feedback on this site please contact me.  I always welcome feedback.  You’ll also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Last but not least check back often for new content!
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